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The project brings together 9 partners from 7 European countries, forming a transnational cooperation partnership with a balanced regional geographical representation of the Erasmus+ Area.



Folkuniversitetet (FU) is a national Education Association which offers a wide range of school and VET education training courses throughout Sweden and in several European countries. Through the cooperation with other FU offices in Sweden, FU-Uppsala has a national coverage. FU was registered in 1954 and is nowadays a leading organisation in Sweden in provision of Education. Folkuniversitetet is one of ten education associations in Sweden that are involved in ‘folkbildning’. The term ‘folkbildning’ is a liberal or popular adult education. However the specific conceptual foundation of ‘folkbildning’ extends beyond the term ‘adult education’. Folkbildning has a long history in Sweden and is about the life-long right of all people to freely seek knowledge. Folkbildning is free and voluntary, and participants decide themselves both if they want to participate and what they want to do.Folkuniversitetet provides:

  • Study circles and evening courses (Folkbildning)
  • Folk High Schools (Folkhögskola)
  • Language training (SFI, paid courses)
  • Vocational training and post-secondary training in the liberal arts and sciences
  • Specialized upper secondary education

Every year, Folkuniversitetet welcomes over 240,000 students. Folkuniversitetet runs a considerable number of internationally oriented activities both in Sweden and abroad. Examples include extensive training courses in schools in Europe and various projects with an international focus. Through cooperation with other international institutes, Folkuniversitetet offers the opportunity to combine studies in Sweden with studies abroad. Folkuniversitetet has been an active partner in LLP and Erasmus+ programmes and other initiatives, with a vast network in EU countries. Folkuniversitetet Uppsala has been certified according to ISO 9001:2000. The ISO-quality certificate includes all training processes at Folkuniversitetet, also VET.

DIMITRA Education & Consulting


DIMITRA Education & Consulting is one of the largest and most distinguished Vocational Education & Training (VET) Organizations with Training Centers in five (5) cities in Greece. Since 1989, DIMITRA holds extensive experience and unique competencies in producing innovative and participative tools and methodologies for Human Resources development in a constantly changing world of work. Through activities such as training, consulting, research, innovation transfer and development of international collaborations we work towards the promotion of social inclusion, educational, cultural, scientific and economic growth. More than 35000 people, of all educational levels, have been trained by DIMITRA. DIMITRA’s permanent staff is approximately 50 employees and the organization also cooperates with more than 500 external trainers. iVET & cVET: DIMITRA is accredited for offering both Initial and Continuing VET courses and Consulting Services by the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) and the Greek Ministry of Education while it has been distinguished for its excellence in many occasions.

Rinova Malaga S.L.


Rinova Malaga S.L. is a learning and development company specialized in cultural, social and economic innovation. Our mission is to foster inclusive learning. We promote responsible entrepreneurship, employability skills, and civic engagement. Influencing the exploitation and development of learning technologies to promote social inclusion.
We have been carrying out our work since 2018 at the Polo Digital business incubation center in Malaga. The company was registered as a company in 2021. Its specific competencies focus on the development of digital content and creative learning technologies for inclusive learning in vocational education and adult education.
The Rinova Malaga team has been active in European and International activities for many years, being affiliated with the Rinova group of companies and their international work. Through this affiliation, Rinova Málaga is associated with Metropolisnet, a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG).
Our work has contributed to the development of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and innovative international partnerships related to youth entrepreneurship. We also focus on soft skills and employability development and non-formal and informal professional development and mentoring learning programmes, as well as validation of professionals in the fields of community economic development, information, advice and guidance, vocational training and adult education.

Larnaka Tourism Board


Larnaka Tourism Board (LTB) is the official body representing tourism in Larnaka at a regional level and was established in 2008.

The Board is a collaboration of all stakeholders of tourism in the area including the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, the Larnaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the local authorities of the region and the local Hoteliers and Travel Agents Associations. Due to the composition of the Board, strategies and actions are implemented collaboratively by the main organisations involved in the tourism sector.

The aim of the board is to develop Larnaka as a sustainable tourist destination; to improve and enrich the regional tourism product; to develop special interest tourism products; to assist the tourism sector in progressing through ongoing training & development – including through participation in various EU programmes, and to solve any issues that may directly or indirectly impact on Larnaka’s tourism sector. This is achieved through the implementation of the Regional Tourism Strategy of Larnaka and the Annual Action Plan.



Sextaplanta is a digital agency specialised in hotel revenue management for
independent hotels and other accommodation.
As a digital agency we work closely with our clients as an outsourced work force.
We manage distribution channels across the Internet to maximise the hotel
revenue and brand awareness.
We have developed our own methodology based on dynamic pricing and
restrictions to optimised rankings in OTA and balance reservations across all
The services we offer are:
• Hotel revenue management consultancy and outsourcing
• Digital technology for distribution and direct channel
• Brand building, web design and SEO
• Social Media management and digital marketing
• Graphic design

Trim Tab


Trimtab was born from the idea that we can be much better at creating an inclusive labor market and a responsible social community.
Our success is based on a close dialogue with companies and employers where we organize a common arena for employers and job seekers to meet.
Trimtab is driven by a social commitment where we know that we can make a difference, we have in a short time been able to an exponential growth and since the start in the fall of 2019 established ourselves from Malmö in the south to Gävle in the north.
We are committed and ambitious and we are convinced that everyone has the right to a meaningful employment.
Trim Tab is the new era’s employment agency: a bit livelier, a bit faster, and much more personal. In total, we consist of around a hundred individuals with various titles and skills in career and education guidance, matching, coaching,
and recruitment. What we share is our perspective on what meaningful work is and should be: a place where you thrive and can utilize your skills and abilities.
Our network spans from Malmö in the south to Boden in the north. We collaborate directly with employers in both the private and public sectors, assisting you whether you’re seeking your first job or making a change.

Vinnytsia Institute


Vinnytsia Institute of Trade and Economics of State University of Trade and Economics holds a leading position in the field of economic education and is the only educational institution in the Vinnytsia region that has Quality Management System Certificate in higher education ISO 9001. Today, the Institute is the recognized scientific and educational center of the Vinnytsia region, which trains highly qualified specialists in the following fields: Accounting and Taxation, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Marketing, Economics, International Economic Relations, Management, Public Management, Business, Trade, and Stock Exchange Activities, Information systems and technologies, Food Technology, Social Security, Hotel and Restaurant Business, Tourism, Law and Philology. The teaching staff (around 150 permanent employees), more than 80% of which is Ph.D. and doctors of sciences, preserves the unique scientific potential and long traditions and provides students with a high-quality education for decades. Also, the teachers of the Institute are certified in PBL, GBL, and Inclusive Education and have considerable experience in conducting training, coaching sessions, masterminds, and mentoring programs. The number of students at the Institute is about 3500. VITE SUTE offers formal education and non-formal education for school students and adults.

Warsaw University of Life Sciences


The Warsaw University of Life Sciences is the oldest agricultural and natural science university in Poland, its origins dating back to 1816. The school is a thriving academic center, receiving recognition and unflagging interest among young people and teaching staff in Poland and abroad, valued for its care for the quality of education, faithfulness to the best university traditions, openness to change, and dynamic development.
The university offers 41 fields of study (including 12 taught in English): from natural science and technology to veterinary medicine, social and economic studies (including tourism). There are nearly 16,000 students in full-time, part-time, doctoral, and post-graduate study courses as well as under international student exchange.
Modern research centres and laboratories at our disposal, as well as the presence of outstanding experts, allow us to educate and conduct world-class research and transfer results to the economy, which has an impact on innovation and progress in, inter alia, agriculture, food economy and medicine, and contributes to the growing importance of Polish science in the world.
Our head office is located in the district of Ursynów, Warsaw, but we also have
out-of-town centres which allow for doing research, experimental work, internships and field exercises. Additionally, we have picturesquely situated leisure centres that are excellent places to organize conferences, scientific and creative meetings, and recreation for our employees and students.



The Directorate of Labour appertains to The Ministry of Social affairs and manages, amongst other things, the employment service for the entire country, the daily handling of the Unemployment Insurance Fund, the Maternity / Paternity Leave and Parental Leave Fund, the Wage Guarantee Fund, as well as numerous other labour market related projects. The Directorate of Labour operates eight services centres around the country, where all general services are provided to jobseekers, registration, skill assessment, counselling and resources and job placement as well as cooperation with other service providers on resources and labour market measures.

Projects of the Directorate of Labour

  • Maintain a registry for job vacancies available throughout the country, disseminate information regarding job vacancies to jobseekers and assist them in finding suitable employment, and assist employers in recruiting staff and provide them with information regarding labour supply.
  • Handle the registration of unemployed individuals, calculations, and payments of unemployment benefits.
  • Handle the organisation of labour market measures, e.g., courses, vocational resources, counselling, educational resources and vocational rehabilitation.

The services of The Directorate of Labour’s counsellors shall be based on the individual needs of each jobseeker. The Directorate of Labour must assess the jobseeker’s work ability when applying for participation in labour market measures. On the basis of the assessment, a plan is made regarding the job search and participation in appropriate labour market measures or the jobseeker is instructed to other services if deemed necessary. Obtain and maintain information regarding the employment situation, unemployment and employment prospects of individual parts of the country. The Directorate of Labour also monitors the composition of the labour force in the country, regularly examines the need for manpower and future prospects in industries and disseminates information regarding the employment situation in the country.
Handles the issuance of work permits and the registration of foreigners in the Icelandic labour market and temporary work agencies.