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This work package complements the suite of digital resources generated by the project, specifically the MAAS Methods eGuide, by supporting the automation and digitalization of job brokerage with a novel ‘tracking’ tool for the ‘match, attach and sustain’ methodology It is focused on the generation of a novel, digital app – the eTracker and Portfolio Builder, as a highly-innovative, mobile digital application with uses for all the parties – the Job Brokers, job seekers and also Tourism sector employers.

Consequently, the system places new demands on Job Brokerage services to focus on both placement and retention of work (rather than traditional employment counselling).

Therefore, this work package contributes to the overall goal of the MAAS project by designing and applying a technology-based ‘CRM’ (customer relationship management) approach with three specific objectives to:

  • Support Job Brokers to track placement and post ‘match and attached’ progress with both clients and companies (management systems, online counselling)
  • Enable job seekers to digitally store evidence of work-based learning experience (portfolio building)
  • Provide employers with an easy validation mechanism to support the tracking and portfolio-building process.